The Formula4Success program offers step-by-step, detailed information and support to get the Vitaflo™ products you need. From navigating insurance to finding distributors or suppliers, we can help.


Formula4Success Program


The Formula4Success Program is dedicated to enhancing access to and securing coverage for Vitaflo formulas. Beyond the support we provide to patients and caregivers, we also offer valuable information and resources to home enteral nutrition providers. Our seasoned Reimbursement Specialists are on hand to assist with complex coverage denials. For more information, please reach out to Formula4Success.

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Letters of Medical Necessity

A letter of Medical Necessity may be required to file an insurance claim. It is completed by your healthcare provider and helps to provide the medical justification for potential insurance benefits. You may download the relevant sample Letter of Medical Necessity and provide to your physician or healthcare provider to complete and sign. Sections of each letter have been left unprotected so your physician or healthcare provider may include information specific to your care.

Useful Resources for Coverage


Recognizing the challenging and frequently changing reimbursement environment, Vitaflo is proud to provide additional resources for health care professionals and providers of nutrition support. Click on resources below for more tools to help ensure proper documentation of nutrition claims including:


Vitaflo In Association with You (VIA)

VIA (Vitaflo in Association with You) Education Hub offers healthcare professionals up-to-date resources to support the nutrition management of individuals with rare diseases.

In collaboration with experts around the globe, we provide product and condition-specific clinical resources, as well as programs for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists practicing in the US.

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Our dedicated Reimbursement Specialists are available through every stage of the coverage process. Formula4Success is committed to helping you get the Vitaflo products you need.

Fruitivits and SDAA are supported when prescribed with a supported Vitaflo formula

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