A ready-to-drink low phenylalanine* (Phe) medical food for use in the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU). 

Now with lower Phe: 30 mg per carton.

PKU sphere liquid carton is suitable from 3 years of age.


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  • Contains glycomacropeptide (GMP) from a natural whole protein source: offering a different taste to amino acid based medical foods which may be preferred by some individuals with PKU1-4
  • 20 g protein equivalent (PE) in ONLY one 8 fl oz carton to help achieve daily intake of PE in the lowest volume**
  • Convenient and resealable carton: easy to take on-the-go to daycare, school, work, or when traveling 
  • Wide range of vitamins, minerals and DHA to support adequate intake of nutrients lacking in the typical PKU diet5-9 
  • Can be taken as is or easily customized with permitted flavorings

* Each 8 fl oz carton contains 30 mg of phe

** Among ready-to-drink GMP-based medical foods for PKU.





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Nutrition Information

per 237 ml (1 carton)

  • 120  


  • 20 g

    Protein Equivalent

  • 6.6 g 


  • 1.2 g

    Total Fat

  • 109 mg


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PKU sphere liquid 


15 x 8 fl oz

(15 x 237 ml)




B4162 & B4157