A range of powdered carbohydrate drink mixes for use as an emergency regimen in the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism. Each dose‐related sachet is made up to a final volume of 200ml to provide age‐specific carbohydrate concentrations. S.O.S is suitable from birth.

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  • Carbohydrate concentrations available: 15%, 20% and 25%
  • Easy to use – No scoops or scales required
  • Transparent packet - ensures all the powder is emptied from the packet
  • Neutral tasting

All products are intended for use under medical supervision. 
Diet must be supplemented with natural protein, water, and other nutrients. 
Must only be consumed by individuals with a proven metabolic disorder.

Nutritional Information

Per 100 g

  • 380 kcal


  • 0 g


  • 95 g


  • 9 g


  • 0 g

    Total Fat

Full nutrition information available.

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